(Cuyahoga Falls – August 21, 2010)

Our August 28th Launch schedule will consist of a series of launches from Perseus II “Columbia” carrying its first payload (an altimeter) in its new payload bay.  Artemis IV / “Philadelphia” will be flying an altimeter as well.

Currently, the payload section is being painted, and touch up work on Columbia’s paint job is being done (touch up & cleanup from the August 14th launches)

Last week’s Artemis launch was moved to the 28th for logistics reasons.  Currently, Philadelphia is undergoing final flight readiness checks.

Both the Columbia and Philadelphia should make for a fun series of launches to see!

Looking beyond this coming weekend…

September 11th is another evening / night launch for our rocketry club.  If all goes well, Artemis III “Garfield” will make the trek into the evening sky as well as a possible flight from Perseus I “Eagle” and its (dry) test run of a dual deployment system for high altitude flights.

Artemis II “Bumble Bee” is about to undergo preliminary checks for its September 25th series of flights.

More details to come!

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