(Saturday, August 14th, 2010 Harmon Flying Field – Aurora, OH)

Both Perseus boosters performed flawless flights during their maiden voyages and subsequent test flights to the sky!

“Eagle” was the first up on the pad on a D12-5 motor, and soared straight and true to about 800 feet, and successfully deployed the chute, and a perfect landing by the launch pad area.   “Columbia” was next, same launch configuration, same results.

Columbia’s second flight was also on the D12-5, and made a “pinpoint” landing right next to the launch pad.

Columbia on the pad, ready for flight #2


...And liftoff!

Columbia returning to land...

We flew Columbia again — this time on an E9-6 motor, and she shot up (again, straight and true) to around 1600 feet (give or take about a hundred feet).  Columbia landed near the launch area as well.

One of the neighbor kids, Rusty, after retrieving Columbia from its 1600 foot journey...

“Eagle” flew one more time on a D12-5, and made a “pin point” landing right next to the launch pad.

SO far, these are the best performing rockets in our fleet!

Next flights are scheduled for August 28th.

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