This blog was started by me (Cornelius Gould) to chronicle my progression on a series of model rocketry projects.

I originally got into this hobby as a very young kid back in the early 80’s.  After discovering electronics, and fiddling with devices known as Audio Processors, the rocketry hobby took a back seat for about 25 years…

November 2009, my stepdaughter and I went to see the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  After that, my interest in rocketry was re-born!

STS-129 liftoff

Now that I am back in the hobby, I will be using all of technical skills honed in my professional career to create some really fun projects.

A lot has changed since 1982 when I was last active in the hobby.  Lots to learn! Lots of fun to be had!

I am currently a member and Vice President of the Mantua Township Missile Agency rocketry club (NAR #606).

Welcome to the outpost of my virtual mission control center as I share the ups and downs of working my way through this exciting hobby!