Here is a list of rockets that are members of the Aretmis rocket family.  All of which (with exception to X2-04 “Philadelphia”, and X2-06 “Nala”) are retired.

Rocket Designation / Picture Information / Notes
X2-01  Name: Big RedNumber of missions: 6

Motors used: D12 (maiden) E9-6 (operational)
Maiden launch: March 2010

– Ejection Baffle
– Built exclusively for Mid Power rocketry

X2-02 Name: Bumble Bee

Number of missions: 12

Motors Used: E9-6
Maiden Launch: May 15, 2010

– Used extensively in testing design stability in a “long  rocket
design” format.
– Testing of design limits.
– Tested various ejection baffle design tweaks.


X2-03 Name: GarfieldNumber of missions: 16

Motors used: E9-6 (experimental: composite  -F12, E15)
Maiden Launch: May 15, 2010

– First test flights using composite propellants
– Test the maximum weight lifting / performance & slowest takeoff speed limits of design.
– Tested upper (fastest) speed limits of design.


X2-04 Name: Philadelphia

Number of missions: 4

Motors used: E9-6
Maiden launch: June 12, 2010

– Lighter (Lighter / Stronger) design.

– Currently being re-fitted for light weight dual deploy.


X2-05 Name: Pathfinder

Number of missions: 6

Motors used: Aerotech F-24, F-35
Maiden Maunch: October 8, 2011

– Used to put all the design & flight experience of predecessor rockets to the test  as the first dual deploy version of the Artemis Launch System (proof of concept)
– Significant internal design change to accomplish goal.
– Set the path for the first fully functional version of rocket.


X2-06 Name: Nala1

Number of missions(to date): 8

Motors used (so far): Aerotech F-40

Maiden Launch: March 25, 2012

– First fully functional (dual deploy, payload capable version) of the Aeremis Rocket family.
– Entirely new design.
– Testing many of the design techniques of X6- Nesaru rocket