Nesaru X6 update

Names, Names!

I’ve decided (after vacillating back and forth on the subject) that the X6 rocket design will be named “Nesaru”.  The rocket itself (and any subsequent ones built within the X6 family) will have its own name(s).  I have not decided on a name for Nesaru X6-1 as of yet.

Also, the formal name of the Nesaru X6 will be “Nesaru Aerospace Craft”, and all missions (sorties) will carry the designation “NAC”.

Nesaru rocket nearly complete. It is now over 5 feet tall, and barely fits in the CPG Aeronautics workshop!

The maiden voyage.

After collecting lots of mission data from the Artemis X2 “Pathfinder” launches, I have come to the conclusion that just about everything that is needed to finalize the Nesaru design / construction phases is in hand.   Work has begun on the final parts of the puzzle to move forward on a maiden launch.

A formal date has not been set, but the first flight could be really soon.   Details to come!

NAC-001 Mission Objectives

The objective of the maiden voyage (NAC-001) will be to flight test the design, as well as to obtain my Level 1 certification.

One possibility for the first mission is to also test the redundant flight computer system, though that is most likely to occur on mission NAC-003 early next year.

NAC-001 will also make use of the (built-in) on-board camera system and will hopefully feature some dramatic video from the first flight.

Most importantly, the successful flight of the Nesaru rocket by me will mean Level 1 certification status!


The plan for NAC-001 is to launch to about 3,000 feet AGL.  If all goes well, the video from that altitude should look really cool!

More details soon!

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