Launch date: September 26th (Alternate date: September 27th)
Rocket: MR. BEAN
Motor: H-180W

  • New code to gather more information from GPS satellites (time sync to use for future flight logging)
  • A second run-through of apogee deployment
  • New Mission Control monitoring system
  • Observe data link stability with the increased data load on telemetry link.


Launch date: TBA
Rocket: MR. BEAN
Motor: H-180W

  • Mach Lockout code test: Observe operation in flight
  • Mission Control data logging test.

DEMO-5a and 5b

Launch Date: TBA
5a Motor: H-180W
5b Motor: I-200W

  • Long range flight tests.


Launch Date: TBA
Rocket: XR6-02 / ARES
Motor: H-180W

  • FULL Up dual deploy test: Flight computer deploys Apogee AND Main deploy.

More information on Demo-3 will be posted in the upcoming days.

The DEMO series of missions are designed to test and verify the operation of the avionics systems to be used on Cornelius’ Level 2 certification project. This series of tests will involve several level 1 rockets in his fleet to test various aspects of this avionics system between 2020 and the first L2 certification attempt launches, tentatively set for sometime in 2022.