Here’s a list of the next launch windows for the Artemis project.

June 12th – Harmon flying field.  Artemis booster #2, and the first flights of booster #4.

July 3rd – Pichman’s field.  Artemis booster #1 in a night launch…

TBD: A return trip to the Amherst field for another series of higher altitude launches – this time on Aerotech E15 White lighting engines!  We may even try to do this at the NY Power meed the weekend of July 23rd in Geneseo, NY!

Back to Booster #4 for a moment:  This one was just completed late last week (week of May 24th) and it is the last of the Artemis I boosters to be built.  The fleet of four boosters is now complete.  We will be thinking of names for these booster rockets, and will let you know what they are in the weeks ahead.

The next step in the Artemis program: We are currently designing a “heavy lift / high altitude” version of the Artemis booster called Artemis II.  The plan is to outfit the Artemis II booster with a dual deploy system to allow it to fly to the 5,000 foot ceiling at the Amherst, OH field.  It will also be a bit larger than the largest Artemis I configuration currently in operation.   Depending on performance, a modified version of Artemis II called Artemis II heavy could possibly be used to carry the Carina Shuttle into the sky when that project begins in a few years…

There’s your Artemis Program update for today.  Stop by in a few days when we talk more about the upcoming Artemis missions for the next launch windows!

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