(Friday June 4th, 2010 – Cuyahoga Falls)

Well!  Here at Artemis mission control, all is looking good so far for a series of launches for the Artemis mission scheduled for Saturday June 12th.

Long range weather outlook is calling for partly cloudy sky / mid ’80s for a temp.  Launch is set for the Harmon flying field in Aurora, OH.  Artemis boosters are set to fly up on D-12 and E-9 engines.  This series of flights are designed to certify some changes made to our recovery system to make sure all is ready to go.   Our July 23 missions are set to be the first fully operational flights of the Artemis Booster fleet…rockets will begin collecting data by flying Altimeters.

The following missions over the final months of the summer flying season should involve testing on-board video camera systems.

More info to come as we move along!

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