The next few Artemis project launch windows.

Weather permitting, Artemis booster #1 (Big Red) will make a return to the skies as she makes her first operational flight on May 23rd at the Skybusters Amherst, OH field.  “Big Red” has been grounded since the flight tests flown on missions ALS-001 through ALS-004.   Some design changes had to be made as well as some damage repairs.

May 23rd will also bring the first flight of Artemis booster #4 (the booster that rounds out the fleet of four Artemis class  booster rockets).

A total of three flights are scheduled for the Artemis program.  There will be flights of the Artemis V-a payload stages – both flown on the new booster, and the Artemis 1E payload section will be on “Big Red”.

After Sunday’s flights, the next launch windows are June 12th at Harmon Field, and a night flight on July 3rd at Pichman’s field.

First steps towards the Sagitta booster project.

There will be two Pegasus class high performance rockets constructed to test construction techniques that will be employed in the Sagitta heavy lift booster rocket.  The Pegasus rocket will be much smaller than the Artemis airship configurations, and its missions will involve high speed / high altitude missions.

The Sagitta booster will be used for flying heavy payloads, and a version of the booster will be used in the Carina Shuttle project.

The first Sagitta booster missions are set for summer 2011.

The Carina shuttle project is scheduled to begin spring / summer 2013.