(March 16, 2010 – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

The upper payload bay that constitutes the Artemis V launch vehicle configuration is close to being ready for flights.

Artemis-V Mission ALS-008 takes to the sky. Andrew the MTMA Vice President Andrew Kleinhenz watches from the field.

On missions ALS-008, 009, and 010 the upper payload section was a boilerplate (a mock-up) intended only for aerodynamic performance tests under various launch scenarios such as launching at an angle into the wind, launching 100% vertical assent with a cross-breeze, etc.

Artemis V payload section under construction.

The actual Artemis V payload section under construction is equipped with provisions to house Altimeters, and an antenna to support radio telemetry.

A 4.5 volt power supply system is also being developed to power these electronic experiments, along with an alternate camera battery based electrical system.

Artemis V mission ALS-013 will test the power supply systems under flight conditions.

The next launch dates will be announced soon…

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