(Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Here’s the launch plan for the next couple of months…

August 13th launches

-Artemis-DD (X2A-01) “Pathfinder” booster test flights

– Perseus Eagle launch (E-18) – Camera pod test / Gallifrey search


August 27th launches

– Aurora Big Red II (E-18) – Camera pod Tests / Gallifrey Search

– Perseus Columbia launches – Camera Pod tests / Gallifrey Search

September 10th launches

– Artemis-DD (X2A-01) “Pathfinder” Dual Deploy attempt

– Aurora Firefly night launch (E-18)

Remaining events for Summer / Fall

-Perseus (X4-06) “Vega” maiden flight

-Artemis X2 “Philadelphia” – Anti-zipper mod test flight

Details behind each launch will be published over the next few weeks…

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