(Cuyahoga Falls, OH Nov 28, 2013)

Happy Thanksgiving!

About an hour ago, we issued the “All Go” call from MTMA (My rocketry club) for launch activities at the O’Reily Farm tomorrow.  This means we are all set for the re-scheduled maiden launch of Comanche XR9-C.  The objective for tomorrow’s launch is to make sure all systems perform as planned.

As of now, I’m looking at one minor issue with the rocket in that the pressure seals for the apogee event are a bit “leaky” for my taste, but this pressure leak is not hindering proper separation of the booster section at all, so I am not going to cancel the launch over it.  All is go as I proceed to prep Comanche this evening for an “about Noon Time” launch.

Batteries are being charged, and propellant is being loaded.  Charges will be loaded tomorrow before launch.

((( )))