(Middlefield, OH – November 29, 2013)

I had to scrub the maiden launch of Comanche XR9-C due to problems with its flight computer.  After a couple of hours of attempting work-a-rounds, I had to call off the launch.

I readied Nesaru for an unscheduled launch, bumping its late December launch to today.

Nesaru performed flawlessly, as usual, launching on an Aerotech H-180W engine, and reached an altitude of 1605 feet.  I’ll have more stats and on-board video form today’s launch in a couple of days after the flight data is analyzed.

In the mean-time, some cool screen captures from the in-flight video….

Liftoff!  The beautiful flame of the Aerotech H-180!

Liftoff! Looking downward between two of Nesaru’s fins. Enjoy the beautiful flame of the Aerotech H-180!

The view from 1,605 feet...

The view from 1,605 feet…

Stay tuned for more!

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