(Harmon Flying Field, June 26, 2010)

Artemis booster #2 was flown twice in its “Artemis V” configuration.

These flights were just a couple of fun sport flights…there was no particular “mission agenda” — just having fun with a bonus day of rocket flying before the month long break in rocket flights.

These Artemis flights are tagged “ALS-022 and ALS-023″.  Rocket flew great — winds were gusty,  so we were flying in between wind gusts.  Flight ALS-023 was on “hold” for several minutes before launching as sustained winds were higher than what the booster was designed to handle.  We flew “right on the edge” of the safety margin, and the booster performed well — with quite a bit of weather-cocking after about a 150 feet in the air as a result of higher wind speeds above that height.

There is  a short video of this flight.  You can watch it below…

Click in the window to replay the launch!


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