(Saturday, November 3, 2012 – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Introducing:The XR9C Comanche

A computer rendering of the finished Comanche XR9C rocket design…

Construction of the next generation rocket design is underway! The XR9 Comanche represents the latest in the “state of the art” for my rocket fleet, embodying the best of all the previous designs, and some of the latest tech all in one rocket.

Launch events will be controlled by an on-board flight computer, as well as a second computer to control on-board activities such as cameras, transmitters, etc.

I’ve used the “code name” “Harmon Field Flier” for this rocket as it is designed to operate on fields as small as our Harmon Flying Field in Aurora. But its capability is not limited there. It will be able to be configured to operate as a “quasi-Level 1” rocket on larger fields as well!

Some of the on-board technologies (such as the baffle systems, and the shear pin system) are derived from the X6 Nesaru rocket. Others are adapted from the X2 Artemis rocket program.

The main focus of the XR9 Comanche (besides pure fun) will be gathering in-flight data for detailed analysis on the operating forces at work during hobby rocket launches to aid in the design of upcoming “payload” rockets. Namely, my proposed RC boost glider project “Carina Shuttle”.

About the name designation.

XR9 Comanche is eXperimental Rocket (XR) design #9, and is nicknamed “Comanche”. There were 4 different configurations I’ve been toying with over the past year. The XR9, XR9A, XR9B, and finally, the configuration that I ultimately chose, the XR9C.

About my “X” rocket program.

All of the previous experimental rockets in my fleet had simple “X” designations. I’ve updated the nomenclature to allow for delineation between eXperimental Rockets (XR), and eXperimental Airplanes (XA).

So, all previous rockets, such as the fore-mentioned “X2 Artemis” are now (technically speaking) XR rockets. So “X2 Artemis” will also be known as “XR2 Artemis”.

The maiden flight of XR9C Comanche is planned for March 2013. More on that as we get closer…

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