(October 22, 2010 – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Since the O’Reily field will be unavailable for launches, we will be at the Harmon field in Aurora.  Weather for tomorrow is calling for 10-20 MPH winds,  so this may rule out high power launches.  We will attempt one launch in the early morning hours when winds are usually calmer.   At the larger fields, this would be a bit of a problem, but at Harmon field, we will have to do this very carefully.

Scheduled for flights are the Aurora X5 “Omnia”, and Perseus X4 booster “Columbia”.   Columbia will attempt 1 early morning high power launch on an Aerotech E-18.  Omnia will fly a few initial flights on a D-12, then (if all goes well) fly a couple of flights on an E9.

We’ve been quietly rolling out the Aurora X5…not for any reason other than the recent successes of the Perseus booster projects overshadowing the nascent Aurora booster project.

The Aurora X5 project involves testing a new booster design to address weaknesses in the X3 Artemis booster design.  If successful, the Aurora booster will carry forward flight missions originally planned for Artemis.

Updates will appear soon!

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