In the #rocketober tradition, here are pictures from my rocket shop. The parachute faring portion of XR10x / Endeavour, has taken a beating over the service of the rocket. After the low and slow mishap last year, the section suffered a bit of a kink along the tube spiral, but I figured it’ll be fine for a few more flights, and was going to replace it before the planned G-64 launch.

Well, last week’s accidental G-64 launch put enough dynamic pressure on the rocket to pretty much break the kink to the point where the only thing that kept the section from coming apart was the electrical conduit running through it!

I built up a new section over the past few evenings, and got it in place. First pic is the unpainted section. The old part is right below it.


You can see the over-stressed kink running perpendicular to the silver conduit…it is the white line seen through the red paint to the right of the flag.

The other two pics below are of the new section bolted together on Endeavour…alltogether2