(March 6, 2011)

For the past few weeks, the booster section of the newest member of the Perseus booster family has been under construction.

Perseus rocket #5 will have a fun name.  In honor of my favorite Science Fiction series since I was a kid “Dr. Who”, the new booster will be named “TARDIS”.  🙂

I am not 100% sure, but this may be the last of the Mid Power versions of project Perseus.   There MIGHT be one more that would be specially designed for Dual Deployment.   I will decide at a later time.

Color scheme will be Orange / Black featuring the trademark Perseus color fade.

TARDIS will join Eagle and Columbia mid spring with flights designed to gather data points for use in a larger Level 1 version of Perseus.

The Fin Can structure was completed today (March 6th), and construction will begin on the ejection baffle system, which will be the same type used on the Aurora boosters.

Another feature borrowed from the Aurora booster program for the build of TARDIS will be the anti-zippering split airframe design.   This and the latest version ejection baffle system have been proven so effective that I am using them as standard parts of all my rocket designs from this point forward.

More information and build pictures will be posted soon!

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