(May 19, 2011 – Cuyahoga Falls, Oh)

A few months ago, I started the first baby steps towards my Level 1 certification project.  After practicing making my own plywood centering rings, work was completed on a 29mm motor mount that would later be the beginnings of my 1st Level 1 rocket.

I’ve decided to make it an unscaled version of the Perseus booster design.  This one will stand almost 5 ft tall.  Predicted maximum altitude looks to be around 3600-ish feet.  Maximum velocity is predicted to be about 550 MPH.   Most of the flights will probably be 1000 ft. less during typical missions.

The maiden voyage will not be until sometime around the end of the year.

Later this summer, I will begin work on a high power launch pad to launch the beast.  The electronics for the current mid power launch pad will be used for a while to launch the higher power flights.

Airframe tubing has arrived, and the fins have been cut.  Later this week, the nose cone arrives, as well as airframe couplers.  Within a few weeks, the first prototype of the ejection baffle system will be built and ground tested.

Electronic systems for the rocket are being designed, and on-board video camera mounting designs are being considered.

More info to come as the project begins to take shape!

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