(August 7, 2010 – Cuyahogs Falls, OH)

The newest rocket in the Perseus booster was unveiled today, “Columbia”.   Columbia will join Eagle with dualing maiden voyages on August 14th @ Harmon Field.

Perseus Booster "Columbia" right after the past coat of paint was applied...

Columbia will be outfitted with its recovery systems this week, and readied for launch this August 14th, 2010.

A third rocket in the family is in the beginning phases of construction.  The rocket has been named “Philadelphia”.  The Philadelphia should be completed for its maiden voyage sometime in September 2010.

August 14th’s launch schedule for our projects will be busy.

Maiden flight of Perseus “Eagle”  (two missions scheduled)

Maiden flight of “Columbia” (Two missions scheduled)

Artemis booster #4 “Enterprise” – missions ALS

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