Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The next Artemis booster, “Nala1” has been undergoing rigorous testing in preparation for its maiden voyage, currently scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2012.  Nala1 will become the first fully operational rocket in the fleet, featuring payload capability of up to 1.5 pounds, fully functional flight computer, and the most powerful motor yet.

Nala1 shortly after completion last month.


The pre-flight tests include ground testing charges to separate the rocket at apogee (event 1), and deployment of the parachute at the pre-determined altitude (event 2).

The plan for the maiden voyage is to carry an on-board camera to an altitude of about 1800 and to verify the aerodynamic characteristics of the booster / payload combination.

The launch will be my first “rail launched” rocket, and the plan is to launch from one of the MTMA club rail launch pads.  By early this summer, missions will take off from launch pad #2, which is specifically designed for rockets from this class to the Nesaru launch vehicle.

Most of the tests have been completed, some design changes to the baffle systems were made, and those changes are due to be tested Wednesday (the 21st) Thursday the 22nd.

If all goes well, Nala1 will be cleared for launch this Saturday from the O’Reilly field.

“Nala1” is named in honor of my longtime pet cat,  Nala who passed away about three weeks ago.    This is the first fully operational Artemis class booster mission after nearly three years of testing with this design.



Nala1 booster being prepped for pressure tests & ground testing for flight event 1.

Video of the maiden launch and flight data will be posted within a couple days of launch, stay tuned to my website here for more details!

The weather outlook for this weekend’s launch shows a possibility of showers or thunderstorms on Saturday, which may force a delay until Sunday for launch.  In the meantime, the countdown has started for a Saturday launch pending the outcome of pre-flight tests & the weather outlook.


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