(July 25, Harmon flying Field, Aurora, OH)

The launch pad and associated electronics all performed flawlessly.  The first launch from the pad was Artemis booster #3,  and the launch was beautiful!

Artemis booster #3 awaiting the countdown to launch

...and LIFTOFF from the new launch pad!

Artemis booster #3 flew missions ALS 029 and 30 from the pad, followed by Artemis booster #3 with missions ALS031 and ALS032.

The Pegasus booster flew two missions from the launch pad, the second being its final mission concluding the experimentation of that new design, and clearing the way for project “Perseus”.  — More on that in a post soon!

Other rockets in my arsenal, but not part of my rocket experiments were flown from the pad too, including my Estes D Region Tomahawk using Aerotech E15w composite propellant motors.

The launch support system performance was textbook, and ready for the next series of launches August 14th!

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