(March 30, 2014 – Cuyahoga Falls)

Since I last posted to my blog, Nesaru has flown two missions… PLS-5007 (formerly NLS-007), and PLS-5008.   Both were to test the RF telemetry link.  Here is a quick recap:

PLS-5007 :  (3/8/2014) The first test of the telemetry link.  Test proves the concept indeed works.  Need improvements on antenna link.  PLS_5008 set to test antenna polarity alignment during flight phase.

Telemetry Data fromt he ground station during mission PLS-5007

Telemetry Data from the ground station during mission PLS-5007


During PLS-5007, we were able to receive data until about 450 feet, when the rocket was outside the antenna aperture.    Data was re-acquired when the rocket was on parachute downrange of the launch site.    This proves the concept works.



PLS_5008: ( 3/22/2014) The flight itself was successful, but back at the ground station, we had a bad cable.  So, as a result,  no telemetry data was acquired.  Test is being reset for mission PLS-5009.

Also, during mission PLS-5008, Nesaru was carying a second video camera on-board to catch the launch & recovery phases from a different perspective.  The results were fun to watch.

Video link is posted below…

If you don’t see the video right away, give it a few minutes….