(Cuyahoga Falls, OH – March 29, 2012)

Artemis rocket “Nala1” is a go for its second test flight later today, scheduled for 12 noon at the Harmon Flying field.

This test flight is designed to test new systems put into place after last month’s test flight, as well as to further flight test existing systems.  Nala1 is the first fully functional rocket featuring full computer controlled flight systems, and experimental payload capabilities.   After this flight, one more test flight is scheduled.  The exact agenda for the third mission is to be determined based on the outcome of today’s mission.

Assuming a successful flight, the third flight may entail pushing the envelope farther, sending Nala1 higher than any of my other rockets have routinely flown with exception to Perseus/Eagle.  Eagle reached an estimated altitude of around 1750 feet on January 2011.  The first high-altitude flight for Nala1 will be an attempt to make at least 1850 feet.   To shoot for thsi kind of altitude @ Harmon Field will require perfect weather conditions, though.  So far, the plan is to go for this altitude, if not to “go for broke”, and shoot for a 1/2 mile altitude attempt during GLRMR XII @ the Skybuster’s Amherst field this coming May 5th.

Today’s flight altitude will be for a little over 1,000 feet.

Details to come later today!

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