(October 7, 2011 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

The launch agenda for 10/8/11 will include two launches from “Pathfinder”, the X2 Artemis rocket built for dual deployment research, and dual deployment in a form factor pretty rare in model rocketry.  I have enough gear on-hand for an additional launch as well.  All flights will be under F-24 power.    The first launch is set for around 10:30 AM.

Also on the list will be at least three flights  from Aurora X5 “Firefly”.  The second flight (and possibly a third one) is planned as my first ever night launch.  First launch will be an evening launch with the rocket camera on board.  The second will be at dusk using the night flight gear.   The final launch will be after sundown.

I will be posting updates via Twitter on this one!   Stay tuned in!

Information if you are free to come see the fun posted here!

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