The Planned night launch has been canceled due to a conflict in my schedule.  Will shoot for an evening launch this coming “Patriot Day”, September 11th.

There were several launches of Artemis boosters # 2 and #4 last Friday, June 18th at Streetsboro City Park as part of their night movie in the park  presentation “Planet 51”.   I was there with the rockets along with other members of MTMA and the Skybusters rocket clubs.   The last night of the evening was at 8:45PM as Artemis booster #2 streaked into the dusk sky for a spectacular liftoff, and perfect landing.   It was a lot of fun.

Next launch is set for project Pegasus, with the Pegasus MKII making a few test flights at Harmon field June 26th.  Should be a lot of fun!

The purpose of this next test flight is to test the ability of the new MKII airframe design to withstand the moments of maximum dynamic pressure, which caused structural damage to the first booster after its flight at the Streetsboro park demonstration flights.   The booster functioned normally aside from a momentary “dip” in its flight trajectory– which was the moment the airframe was damaged as the rocket was under maximum aerodynamic stress.

We will report how the test flight goes!

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