(January 15th, 2010 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Due to high wind forecasts (around 20 MPH and higher) we at MTMA decided to scrub the club launches, and try again for after 12:00PM Sunday the 16th.

My schedule of launches has been changed.  The high performance mission for Columbia has been moved to sometime around April or May 2011 for the Amherst field.   Eagle is scheduled to fly instead to test one of the retrofit designs for Anti-Zippering for the existing Perseus booster fleet.

Firefly is still scheduled to make its maiden voyage on the re-scheduled day.  One change in its maiden mission will be a slightly modified on-board camera system.   I managed to modify the existing camera pod with the aim of cutting the weight in half.

This change has been successful, so this should result in a much higher altitude for all rockets using the on-board video camera.

We are re-setting the countdown for Sunday, January 16th @ the O’Reily high power field…

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