(May 29, 2011 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Meet  Experimental Rocket #6  (X6).  Otherwise known as Helios.   The previous “working” name of this rocket was “Perseus V”.

The Helios rocket.

Helios X6 represents my next step in rocketry as I work my way to level 1 certification.  It is essentially an upscaled version of the Perseus X4 rocket, but with many additions which are possible due to its larger size.

Thanks to its size,  it became possible to design Helios X6 to carry a full complement of electronics as part of its standard configuration.  It’s also designed to meet Level 1 specifications, and when fully loaded, will require (level 1) H motors for flight.

Work is progressing towards a late fall 2011 launch date on a G64 motor.  What you are seeing is the configuration of the rocket for its maiden flight.  Currently, it is almost 4 feet long.  In its fully operational configuration the booster will be around 5 feet in length…

More info as progress continues…

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