(Cuyahoga Falls, OH – July 19, 2011)

After going back and forth on whether or not to give the “X6” project a name or not (and if so – what name),  I’ve decided to call the X6 project by its original name “Perseus V”.   Since it is a mega version of the “Perseus X4”, I felt that such a name is appropriate.   Especially when comparing to its little brother, the X4.

X6 (Perseus V) "Nesaru" (left) and Perseus X4 "Columbia" (right)

In the mean time, Nesaru got its base coat applied, as well as the good ‘ol “Stars and stripes”, which makes it look all official and stuff.  LOL.

Next week, I will apply black patterns as visual aids when viewing the rocket at apogee.

Still to go, internal wiring, ejection baffle systems, and parachute harness design & implementation.  The month of August should also witness the beginning construction phase of a high power launch pad that will support Perseus V rockets, and other large scale projects.

More info to come!

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