(Saturday June 4, 2011)

I’ve started the countdown for the maiden launch of Perseus X4 “Gallifrey”, and the return to service flight of Artemis X2 rocket “Garfield”.

Location: Aurora flying field.

Gallifrey will fly two missions to prove the flight readiness & gather flight data on the new X4 Mark II Perseus rocket design. The Perseus Mark II rocket is designed specifically with anti-zippering tech. The design also features a new fin design that allows for accurate placement & alignment. This is hoped to prevent the “spinning” observed during the launches of its sister rockets Eagle and Columbia. This spin can be seen from Eagle’s on-board video camera (below).


These changes are also being incorporated (in a much larger scale) in the upcoming Helios X6 high power rocket set to make its maiden voyage Late fall / early winter this year.

Will post updates as launch time comes near…

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