Sunday, Feb 15, 2014 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The repairs to Comanche XR9C have been coming along at a steady pace, and have been completed. Comanche is now awaiting a “paint job” for its new sections.

Comanche XR9C with it's new fin can bolted onto the airframe.

Comanche XR9C with it’s new fin can bolted onto the airframe.

A few days ago, Comanche’s new sections were bolted together for the first time, and all looked good!  The new fin can section fit together beautifully.  I made some subtle but important design changes to the fin can to make it more durable in the event of a similar mishap in the future.

The parachute bay has also been repaired, and is also awaiting a fresh coat of paint.  Comanche is on track for a March 2014 return to service flight.

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