(Cuyahoga Falls, OH – July 4, 2013)

Earlier today the Comanche XR9C rocket successfully passed its ground tests, clearing it for its maiden flight.

The completed ComancheXR9C rocket.

The completed ComancheXR9C rocket.

“Officially”, the maiden flight for this 6 foot tall rocket is scheduled for late October / early November.


The Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) made an interesting ruling a few days ago.

TRA has allowed for all members of the National Association of  Rocketry (NAR) — which I am a member — to fly at any of their prefectures’ launches.  Previously NAR members could only fly at specific types of TRA launch events.

“Prefecture” can be thought of as TRA’s name for their rocketry clubs.

TRA members are typically involved in “research rocketry”.  This can involve experimental designs that NAR members are not insured to pursue, such as home made rocket fuel, some types of rocket designs, etc.  Many of the flight days at TRA locations are devoted to experimental rocketry, and NAR members were previously banned from those events.

Now, NAR members are allowed to fly during TRA research rocketry days provided they stick to what is allowed under NAR rules, and not try to partake in research rocketry.  Many of the fields that are available to launch larger high power rockets during the summer months are usually in use by TRA Prefectures.

What this means: there is now a larger range of fields that are available for me to fly High Power Rocketry (HPR) during the summer months.

This means that the maiden flight could be sooner than the “official” dates, but possibly in a different state.

This is exciting news!  More later…

I will publish more information on the XR9C rocket in the upcoming weeks!

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