(Saturday, February 13th 2010 – O’Reily Field)


The Aquila 1C two days before its flight.

The Aquila Rocket Liberty took to the skies for the second and third time — this time loaded with the Aerotech D21 composite motor.  The flights were AMAZING, and it reached a height of approx 1200 – 1300 feet.

The maiden flight (ATS 1) was powered by a traditional “black powder” engine, and it only reached a height of around 500 feet or so.

Liberty flew two missions on 2/13  (ATS 02, and 03), and on the second flight (ATS 03), the nose cone  became dislodged during parachute deployment at 1300 feet, and was lost as a result.  The loss of the nose cone resulted in damage to the unprotected side of the payload section.

Aquila rocket "Liberty" - Mission ATS03 complete.

Aquila rocket "Liberty" mission ATS03 completed.

The upper section damage has now been repaired, and the Aquila “Liberty” is awaiting re-painting and preparation for a planned March 13th (ATS04) mission.

Preliminary plans are underway for a the construction of a second rocket in the “Aquila Project” family.

More information to come!