I’ve decided to NOT use a name on the X6-01 rocket design. The name “Helios” will go into the “bin of names” for a future rocket.  The X6 rocket design will simply be known as the X6 rocket.  For now, one X6 rocket will be built…maybe two.

The name for the first X6 rocket (X6-01) will be “Nesaru”, or X6 Nesaru.

Nesaru is the name of the Arikara (Native American) sky God,  and I felt that this is a perfect name for what will be the highest flying rocket in my fleet to date.

The X6 launch vehicle is the fulfillment of the “Heavy Lift” booster originally proposed as the “Sagita Heavy Lift” booster project.

The X6 Nesaru is planned to make its first flight later this year.

Updates on Nesaru’s progress…

Button rails have been test fitted to the super structure, and construction has begun on the next section of the X6 booster stack.  The main parachute has arrived, and work will begin later this month on the recovery harness system.

Very brief details on the X6 design…

The X6 rocket is designed to fly with either electronic parachute deployment, or by standard motor ejection.  Initial launches will use motor ejection.

The launch vehicle is also designed with a rear facing camera built into the booster section.  This will allow for view of the ground during over 90% of its launch & recovery phases.

The X6 is built using a modular design pioneered with our X2 Artemis rockets to allow for radical configuration changes for various missions.

Heavy payload launch capability.

More info to come as the project progresses!

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