(Cuyahoga Falls, OH – May 18, 2013)

Now that a couple of successful flights of Nesaru XR6 (despite the slight issue of the recent launch), I have gone to work “full steam ahead” on Comanche XR9C.

Work on finishing the booster section is about 70% done, and it’s starting to officially look like a rocket.

The booster section of Comanche XR9C booster section approaching 70% completion…Next, the rest of the rocket!

The maiden launch of Comanche has been pushed back to October 2013.  Delays in dealing with wintertime issues with Nesaru XR6(and potentially Nala1 XR2DD29) forced me to place construction of Comanche on hold until all issues were solved.

With this delay, I have missed the window of opportunity to launch on the appropriate field (big farms) until after the fall harvest … which is when the fields will be available again.

Keep watching the Comanche Launch Vehicle category for updates on Comanche’s progress throughout the summer!


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