(Dec 8, 2015 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

The XR6 (Perseus-V) rocket Nesaru is now being prepared for a December 12th launch in South Charleston, OH.  Weather forecasts are calling for about 2 hours of showers, but otherwise cloudy.

Nesaru will be launching on an Aerotech I-200 motor, which should place her maximum altitude somewhere between 2900 – 3500 feet.  She will be carrying the experimental RF telemetry package on board for a longer range test.  The telemetry link will be sending real-time altitude data as well as status of the flight events.

Wind forecasts for Saturday are so far all within acceptable limits for Nesaru, and the only concern right now will be the cloud ceiling.  FAA regulations require that the High Power Hobby Rocket launches do not fly through any clouds.  If the cloud deck is too low, this will cause a cancellation of the launch.

We will set the countdown timer on the site in anticipation of a 1PM launch, Saturday December 12th in South Charleston, Ohio…

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